How long does it take to deliver my cookie cutter?

Once we have designed your unique, custom made cookie cutter we immediately ship it (in 10 days tops), and after that it is up to mighty Fedex to deliver the shipment to your door, but usually it does not take longer than 2-4 workdays.

Is it possible to speed up the process?

Absolutely! You can rush order your cookie cutter which costs a lil’ mo’ money, but takes a lot less waiting. Our superfast designer team prepares the product in a mere 24 hours and we ship it the next day.

That fast?

Yeah baby!

Is there any discount if I order more than one piece?

Of course. If you order more from one design, then every third piece is at half price. In addition if your order exceeds 150 EUR the shipping is our treat, because we love you, that’s why.

Where does Copypastry ship to?

Everywhere Fedex ships to. Which is like almost everywhere.

What is the maximum size of a cookie cutter?

Small: 10x10x0.9 cm / 3.94x3.94x0.35 inch
Big: 15x10x0.9 cm / 5.9x3.94x0.35 inch

In what kind of colors can you make my cookie cutter?

We have so much colors you will have a hard time googling them all: sky-blue,ultra-marine-blue, blue-grey, fluorescent-pink, olympic-gold, fluorescent-green, intense-green, mint-turquoise, standard-black, red, lilac and orange.

Can I put my cookie cutter in a dishwasher?

Absolutely not! It is made of PLA plastic that is unable to resist high temperature. So please don’t put your cookie cutter in the dishwasher, but wash it manually in the sink like your grandma used to do it.

Can I put my cookie cutter in the oven?

Absolutely not! It is made of PLA plastic that is unable to resist high temperature. So please don’t put your cutter in the oven, but only your cookies.

What kind of cookies can I bake with my custom cutters?

You will receive the ultimate cookie recipe with your purchase order, but other than that you can use basically any dough that keeps its shape. Follow your imagination and listen to what your gut tells you!

What if the cookie cutter I would like to order does not match any of the given categories?

Contact us via hello@copypastry.net and we can talk about unicorns, double rainbows and anything you may need.

What are the cookie cutters made of?

They are made of PLA plastic, a biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester that is derived from renewable resources, like corn starch, which does not pose risks to the environment or human health. But it’s not kale, so please don’t eat it!